Thursday, May 27, 2010

recession friendly (adult) beverages...

Well hello Ms. Golden!

 I've never really been a fan of pre-mixed, just add ice anything. I don't know, something about not being able to add the perfect dash of this, the one shot or maybe two of creating your own after dinner drink has never seemed right to me. Until now.  When you think of what goes into creating the perfect margarita, the triple sec, tequila, grand marnier you could be out a good $40 dollars if you're using quality product.  Which is why I call this the recessionista margarita! This bottle is $10 worth of just add ice refreshment. I highly recommend picking one up next time you find your self at your local Costco. No that wasn't a typo, yes, this bottle is $10 whole dollars and since it's Costco, hurry! There's no telling how much longer this will be in stores.


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