Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my yearly high 5...

It is apropo that since we now live in the High Desert I should get a cactus garden rather than a basket of wave petunias.  This I love! My 8yo got it so right, this is the most perfect gift.  You see I do not posses a green thumb so I am fairly confident that these cuties actually have a shot of being around this time next year. Yey me!!

You know who else got it right? That's right, my husband. He knocked it out of the park with what I will go out on a limb and say was THE best 'special occasion' meal ever made.  He's pretty awesome right?  

And this amazing girl right here is the reason for my yearly high 5...

Oh and even though I debated posting this one because well for some reason I forgot to brush my hair and put some makeup on, I wouldn't get to have my yearly high 5 if it weren't for my most awesome mom!

here's the rest of the lovely feast my husband made for my mom & I to enjoy.  



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