Sunday, May 9, 2010

and the Sears Outlet Brand Ambassador is...

...not me (womp womp)

Sears Outlet brand ambassadors Signature Team from MommyPR

A couple of weeks ago I filled out an application to become a Sears Outlet brand ambassador.  I was pretty psyched about this because companies usually just pick bloggers they want to partner with. So this was a rare opportunity to send in an application and actually maybe have a shot. Nope, I didn't get chosen but hey, it was the first time I dipped my toe into the 'blogger product review' world. There will be other opportunities in the future, of this I am sure.

Here's a link to MommyPR's announcement of the 11 bloggers that were selected as Sears Outlet brand ambassadors and also a list of all the bloggers that sent in their applications.  Take a minute and look thru the list, you never know, you may just find your next blog-session ;)

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